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Focus on service intentions to create value
Pre-sale service
In-Sale service
After-sale service
Before the sale, there is a detailed introduction to the customer to the product performance and the production of products according to customers recommend our company to meet customer demand for the product.
Sales, sales staff at any time in accordance with the needs of customers and the company to maintain smooth communication, to ensure timely delivery of products.
After sales, there are full-time after-sales service personnel to follow up, understand and solve customer problems in the use of the company's products.
Our products
Strength brand professional skills and technical personnel innovation technology never stop
About us
Brand positioning intentions services to help you achieve the brand value of machinery and equipment
Why are we doing this?

Precision sanding + strong working team + loyalty to the customer's idea = your satisfaction!
What are we doing?

Companies adhere to the market demand-oriented, rely on technological innovation, specializing in the production of anisotropic surface sanding machine.
Who are we?

JYSANDING (Jing Yuan) is a professional machinery manufacturing enterprises, located in Guangdong, china.
All round service

The company's sales and service system to improve the pre-sale, sale, after-sales service has a professional staff tracking and service, in a timely manner to exclude the customer's worries. Domestic marketing network covering the country's major provincial capitals, foreign trade is exported to Europe and the United States, Southeast Asia, Russia, Australia and other places.
To: fine far distinguished every customer
Do we still have a lot of past deficiencies, future expectations and common progress, to solve the problem of sanding, to create a win-win cooperation, realize the ambition pour all the strength.
One fine spur unceasingly enterprising, pioneering and innovative, forge ahead! Hand in hand towards each other
Brand new, victorious, harvest new era.
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Next to Lunjiao International Exhibition Hall,Shunde,Foshan,Guangdong,China.
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